Essential Oil Helps To Maintain Blood Pressure & Hypertension

Are you suffering from Hypertension? THESE essential oils can help to maintain your blood pressure

Though it cannot be cured, maintaining normal blood pressure is very important and some of your favourite essential oils may be able to help your chronic illness.
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Hypertension has now become a very common problem. Most people suffer from this chronic illness that has no cure. And that’s not the worst part, most people don’t even know that they’re suffering from this health condition until it’s too late. A chronic illness like High Blood Pressure can bring along many other health risks and conditions. It can lead to heart conditions and worsen your health. This is why it is essential to get regular health check-ups in order to spot the problem well in time and find a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the other health risks at bay. Essential oils have known to reduce stress and blood pressure for a very long time. Aromatherapy can help your mind and body relax and helps lower the unusually high blood pressure. Though there is no way to treat this problem but the right essential oil can reduce the impact and health risks. Essential oils can help maintain your blood pressure and keep things looking good for your health.



It smells heavenly and is the most loved essential oil. It has many healing and therapeutic properties. It helps reduce stress and sleep better as well as cure headaches. The smell of this oil can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


Inhaling this oil can release dopamine and serotonin which helps lift your mood. It also reduces anxiety and heart rate. This leads to a significant change in your blood pressure.




This essential oil can relax the blood vessels and increase blood circulation. This helps lower blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of developing heart disease.


Research has shown that this oil has anti-hypertension properties. This oil may end up doing wonders for you, provided that it is not used alone. Dilute it by mixing it with other oil(s).


This essential oil is known to reduce the levels of a hormone called cortisol which in turn reduces the stress levels. Inhaling a little ylang-ylang essential oil can be great for your blood pressure.


Chamomile has a lot of medicinal properties and helps cure many stress-related problems. A cup of Chamomile tea is known to do wonders but if you suffer from High blood pressure, it is recommended to not consume any essential oils. Inhaling them or applying them may be the right way to go. Chamomile oil can help reduce inflammation and stress. This helps with hypertension.

Tea Tree

This essential oil can help calm the nervous system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce stress and improves blood circulation and the heart rate. This, in turn, helps lower blood pressure and increase the level of the happy hormone, oxytocin.

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