Duplicating things

HM Herbals was emerged in the year 2010 and branded in 2016 with three others trademarks.
with aim of achieving revolution in the field of agriculture by increasing quality and improvement in quality of agri produce by farming, processing to export. Since the Inception of HM Herbals the company founder Ritu Pathak has been accountable for translating her 10 years of field experience into making innovative healthcare, dietary and organic products which are purely natural products.
The company has a team of professionally qualified well experienced persons in the field of farming, processing & export.
Our Key areas.
Aromatic farm development , processing essential oil like Lemongrass, Citronella, Vetiver, Palmarosa and Nilgiri Oils.
In segment of Health and Dietary supplements , we have organic Moringa and Wheatgrass powder, leaves , capsules , tablets
Our cold press oils, Sesame, Blackseed, Flax Seed, Neem, and Cator oil are most demanding in western countries.
Natural juices like Aloevera, Neem, Karela, Noni and many more are best in industry.
Women play a critical and potentially transformative role in HM Herbals’s progress and growth, also constantly learn new modern technology in agriculture.Such agri produce product is getting showcased in USA, Taiwan and many western countries.
We are certified with USDA-NPOP, India Organic- NOP for Certified Organic Processor & also
managing associate farms through KisanZ mobile App.