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We love what we do

A healthcare product making by managing from farming to packing.

This is one of the largest agricultural companies in field of aromatic farming in India, having management working  way back from 1998. Operating in more than 3 countries, corporate and head office are situated in Jharkhand, Tamilnadu, Gujarat. The company deals in ‘Aromatic , Health & Dietary Supplemens’ which include essential oils, lemongrass, wheatgrass, moringa and many more that serve many industry and healthcare specially. The company also provides consultancy to get develop farms under supervision of experience professional and KISANZ app.

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A value addition to agriculture by product making using aromatic and medicinal plants .

Our services

Agriculture , Processing , Export .. more than 120 poducts which we develop for many brands and for our outlet as well.

Branding & Identity
Product Development
Product Design
Aromatic Plants Research
International Market Identification
Export Customization

Our Approach

Making best product through our own farm produce so quality can’t compromized. Utlizing more and more agri produce to bring most effective helathcare products.


Maximum automation and transparent system to adopt and apply. Technology dominated strongly in each field  for more production to acheive. Advancement of farmers and utilized most of produce with correct evalution of market for suriving longer.

Meet Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion

Ritu Pathak

Ritu Pathak

Ashok Kr

Ashok Kr

Head Production
Vikas Kamija

Vikas Kamija

Admin Head



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